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Presentations by Dr. Robert Ursano

The Army Study to assess risk and resilience in service members (Army STARRS) – Robert Ursano


ECNP Traumatic Stress Network Virtual Meeting "Hot topics" (4 June 2021) with Robert Ursano, Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience at the Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, Maryland, USA. This meeting was chaired by Joseph Zohar, Israel, Eric Vermetten, The Netherlands and Iryna Frankova, Ukraine. The meeting was dedicated to the precision psychiatry, concept of "Golden Hours", psychosocial and psychotherapeutic treatment of PTSD.

Psychiatric Dimensions of Disasters: 2nd Training Course sponsored by Disaster Psychiatry Canada (DPC) June 8, 2019

Disaster Psychiatry: Finding Structure in Chaos

The mission and vision of DPC is to develop and maintain a well trained committed team of psychiatric specialists able to serve the mental health needs of people and communities affected by disasters, in coordination with emergency and public health responders. Reduction and prevention of post-disaster mental illness, and fostering of resilience, are also our goals.
Training Course Learning Objectives: By the conclusion of the program, attendees will be able to: • Become skilled in psychiatric diagnosis and management: during and post disasters in adult, child and indigenous populations; • Experience and remedy stresses involved in disasters, and impact on survivors; • Become familiar with special needs of military personnel and veterans • Become adept at collaborating with Red Cross and First Responders • Have increased comfort and confidence in the role of ‘disaster psychiatrist’ • Be aware of College of Physicians mandated duties for physicians in disasters  
Please click HERE to access video resources from this event.

PTSD and Other Trauma-Related Disorders: Complex Clinical Decisions

Presentation by Dr. Robert Ursano: "PTSD and Other Trauma-Related Disorders: Complex Clinical Decisions" at the Dr. Pellegrino Memorial Lecture at Eastern Virginia Medical School.


War, Battlefield and the Effects of Violence

Presentation by Dr. Ursano at the 2013 IOM Annual Meeting — “The Science of Violence: Causation, Mitigation, and Prevention”. The presenation is entitled “War, Battlefield and the Effects of Violence.”

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Panel Discussions

Exposure to Violence in the Community, in the Home, in the Media, and on the Battlefield

Dr. Ursano took part in a panel discussion at the 2013 IOM Annual Meeting — “The Science of Violence: Causation, Mitigation, and Prevention.” Below is a video of the discussion.

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Annual Amygdala, Stress and PTSD Conference